crab pasta//

as promised, here’s the recipe:

orecchiette [one box]
crab [1 man handful]
peas [fresh if possible/poundish]
hazelnuts [2 girl handfuls]
mint [bundle]
onion [1 large/2 regular]
parmigiano reggiano [grated/healthy mound]
orange [2]
sparkling wine [2 cups]
olive oil
grape/cherry tomatoes (optional)

1. cut onion into slivers [pic]
2. shuck peas. If you do not have enough peas it’s fine to include the shell also, though I would not include more that 50 percent of the shells – chop them
3. toast hazelnuts, roughly chop
4. diagonally chop mint across the spine into 1/4 inch wide pieces
5. cut tomatoes in half
6. grate parmigiano reggiano

1. heat water to boil in a large pot, add salt to water
2. saute onions in a minimal amount of olive oil in a skillet over low heat
3. squeeze 1/2 of the orange’s juice on to the onions
4. pour one cup of sparkling wine onto the onions
5. add peas approximately 15 minutes later, as the onion begin to lose opacity
6. add another 1/4 of orange juice, 1/4 cut of sparkling wine
7. cook pasta to very al dente (it will continue to cook in the onion mixture)
8. in a separate pan, heat crab with a 1/2 orange juice and 1/6 cup of sparkling wine
8. add cooked pasta, hazelnuts to onion mixture, mix all together
9. add 1/2 of orange juice, remainder of sparkling wine to onion mixture
10. let cook until pasta is slightly al dente
11. remove from heat
12. add mint
13. toss with olive oil
14. gently mix in crab mixture
15. pour into large serving bowl
16. top with tomatoes and parmigiano reggiano
17. garnish with mint leaf

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i love great food. last night i ate 3.5 courses and drank a 1/3 of a bottle of Nero d’Avola at my neighborhood eatery, Bacco’s. everything was awesome. especially the polenta with salt cod. my family, our dining takes awhile, were the last patrons to leave – by a long shot – but they don’t rush or encourage your escape. in true italian style they engage you with warmth and serve you with hospitality. until you simply cannot eat anymore. moreover, the point of this post. i love good food made by great cooks, devoured over leisurely long dinners. but sometimes. like tonight. all i ever really want in a pb&j. sometimes, usually, while the night’s nourishment is sitting heavy in my belly and i’m digging the peanut butter out from my teeth, i think it’s all i ever really need.

carb. protein. fruit.

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food + beverage. a review.

kickin’ off with coffee. mostly in SF, but a few shops in the south and east bay.

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